201st Air National Guard C-38 Aircraft

The C-38 replaced two C-21A transports operated by the 201st Air National Guard based at Andrews AFB, Maryland. The primary mission is for operational support and distinguished visitor (DV) transport. The aircraft can be configured for medical evacuation and general cargo duties. The C-38, first acquired in 1997, is a US Air National Guard staff transport version of the Israel Aircraft Industries Ltd. / Galaxy Aerospace Corporation Astra SPX business jet. The Model Astra SPX is a derivative of the Model 1125 Westwind Astra. The changes include: installation of two Honeywell (formerly AlliedSignal/Garrett) TFE 731-40R-200G engines; installation of winglets and minor structural modifications to the wing; installation of Collins pro-line 4 avionics; and a new Airplane Flight Manual to take credit for the aerodynamic and performance improvements.
  C-38/Astra SPX Specifications

Powerplant Two Honeywell (formerly AlliedSignal/Garrett) TFE 731-40R-200G turbofans
Fuel capacity 4,247 kg.
Speed 867 km/h typical cruise speed
Maximum range 5,465 km.(IFR) 6,034 km.(VFR)
Maximum service ceiling 13,716 m.
Wingspan 16.64 m.
Length 16.96 m.
Height 5.54 m.
Maximum take-off weight 11,179 kg.
Payload 1,496 kg. useful load
4,247 kg maximum payload
Price $11,750,000  (1997)

  HTA’s Mission Elements for the C-38:

  • Provide superior Logistic, Engineering and Technical Support

  • Provide seasoned professionals for Program Management, Contract Administration, Procurement, Production Control, Quality Control, and Data Management

  • Provide reputable depot support through working agreements for paint, engine overhaul, and aircraft repair when required.


Working on a Astra Aircraft SPX

  About the C-38

bill simpson
Bill Simpson
C-38 Program Manager
The C-38 is an intercontinental passenger aircraft that was modified by Tracor Inc. and is currently supported by HTA Aviation, LLC, the US prime contractor based in Roanoke Texas. The introduction of HTA Aviation, LLC the prime support contractor in 2003 has dramatically improved the squadron’s effectiveness. The C-38 normally carries a crew of two and has accommodations for eight passengers. The C-38 is equipped for commercial flight operations under Federal Aviation Administration guidelines. The Air Force transport was equipped with US military versions of the global positioning system; tactical air navigation; secure communications capability and an identification, friend or foe system. Because of its specialized electronics and global positioning system, the C-38 can assist in command control and communications in time of disaster or war.

Astra aircraft C-38The Air Force accepted the first of two C-38 aircraft 17 April 1998. The C-38 was procured by Aeronautical Systems Center’s commercial aircraft integrated product team, in partnership with the single program director at Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center, Tinker AFB, Oklahoma. The program’s Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) is provided by HTA Aviation, LLC and includes a contract to provide depot support and Contractor Operated and Maintained Base Supply (COMBS) functions. The C-38 acquisition program used streamlined acquisition reform techniques focused on saving time and funds. C-38s will be sustained by the integrated product team at Tinker and HTA Aviation, LLC as the prime contractor.

The C-38 designation was previously applied to the Douglas C-38, a C-33 with a DC-3 tail, of which one was built.

With the acquisition of Galaxy Aerospace LP by Gulfstream Aerospace LP (GALP) [an Israeli business entity and division of General Dynamics in limited partnership with Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI)] the Astra SPX was renamed the Gulfstream G100 which is still manufactured by IAI in Israel under the IAI production certificate.

Gulfstream G100 is a Trade Mark of GALP a division of General Dynamics

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