Service Engineering

In addition to our engineering experience, our team has held chair positions with Maintenance Steering Groups (MSG 3) and Customer Advisory Boards and led Reliability/Maintainability Groups for three major aircraft companies. These added experiences allow us to think beyond the task being performed and build in to the work considerations for future events or possible actions.

Our Experienced Engineering
Team Ensures accuracy, integrity,
quality and compliance with
applicable regulations


Picture showing maintenance of paint

We provide Engineering Services with Guaranteed Accuracy, Integrity and Quality at a Reasonable Cost

  • Avionics & Electrical System Engineering

    - Wiring Diagrams and Electrical Load Analysis - All Systems
    - Cable Assembly Design
    - Equipment Arrangement
    - Ground and Flight Test Procedures
  • Structures Engineering

    - Detail & Installation Design
    - Stress, FEA, Failsafe and Damage Tolerance Analysis
    - Weight and Mass Properties Engineering
  • Mechanical System Engineering

    - Oxygen, Water, Hydraulic and Waste
  • Interior Engineering

    - Concept, Layout, Detail and Installation Design
  • Certification

    - DER Support, FM, JM Configuration Management, Test Procedures & Test Witnessing
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