C-26 Metroliner, Military Aircraft

HTA Aviationís Part 145 Repair Facility offers Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul services specifically for the military variant of the Fairchild Metro 23 aircraft (SA227 BC). These include C-26D, C-26B, RC-26B operated by the Navy, Army National Guard, and Air National Guard respectively. We also offer these services to friendly foreign governments operating the same variant.

  HTAís Mission Elements for the C-26:

  • Provide reputable depot support through working agreements for paint, engine overhaul, and aircraft repair when required by the Prime contractor
  About the C-26

The C-26 aircraft was manufactured by Fairchild Aircraft Incorporated and is a high performance, fixed wing, pressurized, twin engine turboprop that has accommodations for a pilot, co-pilot and 19 passengers and/or cargo or a combination of both. It is powered by two Garrett TPE331-12URH engines, rated at 1100 shaft horsepower takeoff power and 1000 shaft horsepower maximum continuous power. The engine is equipped with 106 inch (269 cm) diameter McCauly full feathering, reversible, constant speed four bladed propellers.

The aircraft represents an on-call, rapid response air transport for high priority resupply and movement of key personnel to remote, unserviced or feeder sites. Specifically, the aircraft is used to deliver repair parts, equipment, technical teams, crash and accident investigation teams. In its role, such functions as range clearance, surveillance, Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC), administrative movement of personnel, transportation connections and courier flights are accomplished.

In 2005, Lear Sigeler was awarded the Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) for the Navyís seven (7) C-26D aircraft and in 2006 Lear Sigler was awarded the (CLS) for the eleven (11) C-26B Army National Guard and eleven (11) RC-26 Air National Guard aircraft.

HTA Aviation, a privately held company, providing superior CLS and COMBS services for our government and support for the world's most technologically advanced business jet aircraft. HTA also offers Service Engineering (DER & PMA), Technical Publications, and Consulting Services for the business aviation industry.

  C-26 Metroliner Pictures

  C-26 Aircraft Specifications


Metro III
Model SA227-AC
Metro 23
Model SA227-DC
Merlin IV-C
SHP 1100 1100 840

Two Honeywell (formerly AlliedSignal/Garrett)


248 (ktas)

Fuel capacity (@ 6.7 lb/gal.) 3,480 lbs 3,480 lbs 3,645 lbs
Maximum range 2,025 nm 2040 nm 1,580 nm
Max Service Ceiling 31,000 ft 25,000 ft 30,000 ft
Wingspan 46.25 ft   57.0 ft
Length 42.17 ft   59.33 ft
Crew Seats 2 2 2
Passengers 22 19 14
Take-off weight 14,000 lbs 16,500 lbs 12,500 lbs
Ramp Weight 14,110 lbs 16,600 lbs 12,560 lbs
Landing Weight 14,000 lbs 15,675 lbs 12,500 lbs
Zero Fuel Weight 13,130 lbs 14,500 lbs 8,320 lbs
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